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This company checks all the boxes. They have no hidden fees and their software is fully functional which boosts our productivity and profits – What you see is what you get. We really enjoy using Mobile-Note. They have the best features. ~Jennifer (Vacaville, CA)

Save Your Time

We appreciate Mobile-Note. They understand time is money and with their web based platform you can maximize profits while saving time. Their features are designed to automate your business. They keeps our business growing with no extra work. ~Samantha (San Francisco, CA)

Easy To Customize

Mobile-Note realize that every business has different needs and structures. They are so customizable. Almost everything is able to be amended and changed to our own needs. We love using this company for contests. ~Joshua (Shrevport, LA)

Ongoing Updates

We used 3 different SMS companies. Mobile-Note understands the importance of having the most powerful software. With new features being added all the time, they really help our business run at the maximum with ongoing updates and support. ~James (Scottsdale, AZ)

Simple Technology Solutions
Is Just What Your Business Needs!

Mobile-Note provides an intelligent technology solution to retain new customers and increase business through Text Marketing, Appointment Reminder Services and so much more… Try our Demo: Text "MOBILE" to 707 674 5100 . You simply reply "CANCEL" to stop receiving text.
Your One-Stop Shop For Scheduling!

Mobile-Note has been created to provide all of our clients with not only the best SMS marketing options available to them, but also the best reminder systems available. It has worked tirelessly to ensure that our system is as simple as possible to install and operate. What makes us different is the ease with which you can use our software. Mobile-Note comes completely compatible with all operating systems, with a fully integrated interface which makes running the service as easy as it will ever be. Many people are put off by the idea of running your own campaigns, but if you know how to send a text message, you can work with our product!
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Easiest Management System Yet

One of the main problems with mobile marketing is the perceived difficulty of running your own campaigns, and marketing yourself efficiently. Many businesses fall by the way side and waste valuable resources on poorly run marketing campaigns. But with Mobile Note you can eliminate the potential mistakes and leave yourself with a fully integrated and powerful SMS Marketing and Scheduling software.

Mobile Note has tested its interface time and time again to make sure it gives our clients everything they need. With over 90% of people aged 13+ owning and regularly using a mobile phone.

SMS is truly a no-brainer in terms of marketing potential!
How The Service Works

Made for our clients, Mobile Note offers elite levels of usability, functionality and response. Designed for either marketing experts or those of who have never run a campaign in their lives, the software is fit for any experience level and makes management of your mobile marketing campaigns easier than ever before! You have the ability to send huge volumes of different messages through our software including SMS reminders, Text to Speech reminders or email reminders to make sure you reach them on as many platforms as possible. Making sure that you never lose a client again. This makes the service ideal for those of who run businesses based around appointments, like a dentist, doctor or attorney.
This is a reminder of your appointment on 4/12 at 10:00 AM. Please press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.
Budgeted For Success

One of the big worries about SMS Marketing is the cost and how it can spiral out of control. But have no fears when working with Mobile Note, as monthly allowance limits are set-up to begin with or pay as you go. You can work within an allocated budget and change it in the future. With Mobile Note you are never going to spend more than what you can afford. Checkout our pricing with no hidden fees. Another great feature is our notification where you can be notified via text or email when someone join your campaign. This concept works great with real estate agents. Receive leads without direct contact until you ready to talk business. This avoids any late night calls or being caught off guard when you may not be in the mindset for closing sales. You can then deal with all of your new subscribers and interested parties at your earliest convenience when you are alert and in a business frame of mind.
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