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About Us

Five years ago Mobile Note started its humble beginning as an Information Technology business. With the determination to grow as a business and to serve our clients with the utmost integrity and passion, Mr. Al Jackson started Mobile-Note while working his departmental management job at Dow Chemical and has never looked back.

Founded with the intention of helping small-to-medium sized businesses grow and improve their revenue streams, and to be able to mix and match with the competition, Mobile Note has looked to provide quality service since its inception. With a wealth of experience in the text message service industry, and various other niches, we bring a caliber of service and passion for the job which is hard to find elsewhere.

Mobile Note’s main purpose is to improve the reputation of client businesses by providing them with access to a cutting edge software which keeps easy track of all their appointments, calls, promotional events and reminders. Not only does this improve organizational resources tenfold, it keeps everybody on the same page and allows for seamless business transactions to take place.

The idea behind Mobile Note has been to help. This is why the company has been built around quality and affordability. With Mobile Note, you can turn the figures around dramatically in your favor and eliminate any missed business appointments, calls, or conferences. Work can be stressful and remembering all the little things should be left to somebody else – so let us help you with Mobile Note, an extremely powerful text messaging service which keeps your business running like clockwork.

Mobile Note provides a business with an affordable and easy to implement solution to their lead generation and client capture services. Using our extremely valuable yet affordable equipment, you may never lose another client again, bringing them back for more with organized, delightful customer service.

When you sign up with us at Mobile Note, we provide you with the premium in text message service software. You will be assigned a dedicated number and you can then use this like an email list. It allows for easy mass-messaging of promotions and updates, as well as easy access to all of your clients, reminding them of upcoming appointments or arranging new ones.

This helps keep everybody on track and the day running smoothly, with clients on time and staff ready to work. With Mobile Note, you can eliminate confusion and disorganization from the work place and allow our system to take care of everything – simply use its text messenger service to remind you of invoice dates, appointments, and things such as how long it has been since you last promoted a service or product. The software is extremely simple to use and it’s database system makes keeping track of all of your data extremely easy.