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  How many SMS where sent from my account?

Go “Home” and hover over the graph to see actual number of text sent.

  How can I find out how to use Mobile-Note platform?

The system is easy to use, but if you need help scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on DEMO.

  How do I purchase more credits?

When you run out of credits the system will tell you to buy more credits. Noticed the words “Buy More Credits” in the right hand corner below log out.

  How can I find out how many times my keywords been used?

Hover over the percentage and it will show you the actual number of times your keyword has been used.

  How do I create a coupon code?

Type your text and put #coupon# at the end of your text. The system will generate a code that will appear on the auto response the customer receives.

  How do I find the results of a contest I created?

Simply click on results after the contest to see the outcome and auto responses.

  How do I use the template?

The template is used to create an auto response that you can continue to use over and over again without typing it again.

  How do I search for a person in one of my groups?

Check the box in front of the mobile number, first name of Last name and enter the information that you want to search by or search by group.

  How do I add a contact to a group?

Select group, add contact information and save.

  What is text to speech?

Text to speech allow you to text a message and the auto voice will speak what you text to your customers.

  Why does it say “Rply STOP to Cancl” on the bottom of all my text?

We want to allow anyone you text to stop receiving text anytime they desire.

  Why is the words “Reply” and “Cancel” mis-spelled?

This allows the text to go through without telephone companies charging a surcharge.

  How can I see if the coupon code came from my system?

Simply go to the report tab and click auto response. There you will see all reports.

  How do I forward text to a group from my mobile phone?

Simply text fwd and keyword then type your message. Your message cannot contain your keyword.