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Easy Lead Generation

Instant notifications when somebody subscribes to or unsubscribes from your list
  • Instant notifications when somebody subscribes to or unsubscribes from your list.
  • Easy to manage lists allowing for laser-targeted marketing campaigns through SMS, voice to speech and email.
  • Create attractive flyers to bring new clients through on auto-pilot.
  • Edit your lists with ease to fit with any changes.
  • SMS call to actions allow for mass mobile marketing campaigns which bring in new leads and sales.
  • The reminder service keeps clients coming back for more in the future.
  • Generate auto-pilot responses when specific keywords are texted to your service allowing trust to easily be created and new leads to capture.
  • Free business phone for direct inquiries, allowing for a professional approach to your business and an easy way to market yourself with nobody even having to be there for the first contact.
Efficient Interface

Simple and clean, allowing for easy use of all features available
Designed for use by anybody, no matter the skill level
Simple GUI designed for maximum speed and ease of editing lists
Management Simplicity

  • Easy to create and manage staff profiles.
  • Individual logins means full control for those who need it.
  • Easy search functions allow for simple searches for clients.
  • Notes for each appointment for simple referencing in future.
  • Easy templates for broadcast messaging, allowing for marketing campaigns to be carried out in timed intervals for maximum sales income and lead generation.
  • Reminders are easily created and sent out on auto-pilot to keep clients informed of any upcoming appointments, meaning you never miss out on a booked client.
  • Built-in messages to inform your customer they have a variety of ways to hear from you in the future.
  • Everything is managed from the one area, meaning simple micro management of your new income streams.
Client Relationships

  • Lists are easy to manage so your clients receive only what is best for them – allowing for trust as you offer quality products that are relevant to each list.
  • High customer retention as clients are already using our service – and are already using the service to receive messages.
  • New numbers and therefore leads can be generated in less than 30 seconds with easy automated multiple replies available using the keywords sent in a message by the client, or when the phones rings, to ensure that nobody slips out of your net.
  • Keywords are unlimited, as you work using your own local number, making the entire process easier to manage; therefore setting up automated responses is going to be important; this is why we offer no limitations to your keyword usage.