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Let’s face it, with email open rate less than 2% and publication advertising ridiculous expensive; it’s no wonder why businesses are turning to SMS marketing. How can you argue with a 98% open rate and cheap marketing prices? Here are 8 simple steps to teach you the simplicity yet clout of SMS marketing.

1. Sign up with a SMS marketing company like and receive a dedicated phone number to use in all your advertising. We will explain exactly why it is important to use a separate number from your business number further down on this page.

2. Continue to advertise using your traditional methods (newspapers, flyers, yellow pages, classified ads, signs, billboards, or radio), but add the SMS marketing phone number dedicated to your business on all your advertisements along with your business phone numberletting potential customers know that the only way to receive the great offer displayed in the advertisement is by texting (your chosen) keyword to a 10 digit phone number.

3. With your traditional advertisements, give the consumer a good reason to text the dedicated number. (Example: “Receive 10% off when you text ‘COUPON‘ to 7076745100,” or, “Receive a FREE _____ when you text ‘DEAL‘ to 7076745100,” or, “Receive first hand information on_____ when you text ‘INFO‘ to 7076745100”). The words in bold are called keywords, and they should be relevant to your brand or business. Once the potential customer text the keyword the customer phone number goes into our database for your business to send future offers, reminders or notifications.

4. Now that you have 100 – 5000 or more customers in your database, it is time to send your first SMS (text) message regarding your special deal, priceless information, or notification of a special event. We suggest sending no more than two texts per week.

5. By using call-to-action techniques (example: Expiration dates; call now; the first 100 visitors..; the first 100 callers…, etc.), you will be amazed with the customer responds to your advertisements. These customers are familiar with your brand; they have visited or called your business in the past, and have opted into your SMS campaign to be updated or get the great offer. Fortune 500 companies have used this method of attracting customers for approximately six years. They learned very quickly that text message open rate is 98%, and the customers who opt into their campaign are loyal.

6. Now, your business is at the point where your loyal customers expect a text from you and will wonder what is going on if they don’t receive one for some time. You are becoming the “Go To” person for your brand or the business with great offers, due to the special treatment you are giving your customers!!

7. Can you see what is happening? You are creating a bull’s eye target audience list of thousands that you can send SMS messages to at any given time. You are your own marketing machine! It’s as simple as sending a text, but you send it to thousands of opted in customers simultaneously. There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on weekly traditional advertisement campaigns. Just energize your database a few times a year with traditional advertisement to refurbish your database from opted out customers. You will have some customers opt out, but don’t worry. More and more customers will join! It’s very important to give your customers an option to opt out. All texts must give customers an option to opt out by law.

8. If you send valuable information and great offers to your customers, your database will continue to grow to thousands, as will your bank account. Now, do the math. Compare dollar for dollar, and you can clearly see that SMS marketing has a better ROI than any other form of advertisements. It’s merely a way to get the word out to thousands in less than 2 minutes regarding your offers, discounts, up sales, information or sending a simple reminder.