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SMS Marketing: Benefits

SMS Marketing, or simply the use of text messages to reinforce the marketing strategy of an organization, is being more and more popular in today’s time. According to certain studies, SMS will be most likely opened within a short timeframe after it is received. With this, the recipients can easily see the message and can act in such a way that it is favorable for the business. This makesit important for business to consumers and non-profit organizations to take advantage of text marketing. It can be beneficial in ways more than one, including the reasons that are mentioned below.

Immediate Opt-In and Opt-Out
One of the best things about text marketing is that customers are given the opportunity to instantly opt-in or opt-out from the marketing campaign. If they wish to no longer receive texts from a specific company, they can send a short reply such as “STOP” and their number will be automatically deleted from the system. The simplicity in opting in and out makes it deliver high level of customer satisfaction.

Instant Deliverability
Another benefit of SMS marketing is that it can be delivered instantly to the intended recipients. Once the text template with the marketing message has been finalized, it can be sent to thousands of subscribers within just a few minutes. Within just a few seconds, it is received by your target audience, and once they open it, they can instantly execute an action that is favorable on your part.

High Open Rate
SMS marketing is often successful because most recipients open the text message, and hence, they are able to read the message. This is as against email marketing where recipients do not open the email at all. Because of the high open rate, it also leads into high conversion rate, making it possible for customers to instantly be engaged in an action that benefits your business or organization.

Cost Efficiency
When choosing a specific marketing strategy, cost is always a prime consideration. In the case of text marketing, its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the cost is reasonable, especially if you choose to work with the right service provider. It has a favorable return on investment.

Repeat Advertisement
As subscribers text a keyword to your phone number to receive your business offer, their phone number goes into a database under your phone number only. You can then send out offers, discounts or information as often as you like. Mobile-Note suggest no more than 4 texts per month.

Customer Engagement
There is no better way to engage your customers with your business. Remember, people leave home with 3 things. Car keys, purse or wallet and their mobile phone. That is why SMS marketing is so powerful. You are advertising through a device that is basically attached to your customer’s hip.

If you need SMS marketing for your business to consumer or non-profit organization, there will be tons of choices that can confront you. In this case, one of the best options that can be taken into consideration would be Mobile-Note, an opt-in text marketing company. Mobile-Note provides the option for customers to easily unsubscribe if they no longer want to receive marketing messages. They can offer solutions that are tailor-fitted to the needs of a specific company, with the promise of a high level of customer engagement and satisfaction.